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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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Using @today and @now in Views without rebuilding the view

now, if these functions are used in columns or selections, the view is rebuilt each time it is opened. This can take a long time for many documents in the view. There are currently a few workarounds, but official support for these features would b...
over 5 years ago in Domino Designer / @Formulas / Views 5 No Plans to Implement

Click sort using other column values

When I click on a column that has "Click on column header to sort" enabled, I may want to sort by other column values. For example, the first column is the country name, and the column value is "USA" or "Japan". The second column is the country c...
almost 5 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Under Consideration

Dynamic Views

In the Notes Client, in Notes Views, display dynamic data based on a query that does not require an index.Such a feature has been introduced in Notes/Domino 7 with the Db2 access views but was limited to Db2 data.We would like to have possibility ...
over 4 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 1 Under Consideration

Make inviewedit more flexible

It currently is a pain to work with inviewedit. Some part, like query_request was never officially supported. I like e.g. to have a drop down lost when I click on a field. Or have real checkboxes and radio buttons in a Notes view. This would mak...
about 5 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Under Consideration

In a view column heading it should be possible to create a heading that spans multiple columns.

Also, when view column headings are more than one line, it should be possible to make one of the lines, i.e. the 2nd line, span multiple columns. I have wanted this feature multiple times as I have created views for users.
over 2 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Under Consideration

Improve fulltext search with [FIELDNAME] isEMPTY

When searching for information sometimes you need to find all document where a field contains no value.
over 1 year ago in Domino Designer / Views 2 Needs Review

Remove Use of ReaderNames fields slows view performance in Notes

ReaderNames fields very secure but very slow performance. Please remove slow performance issue from ReaderNames fields in notes view. Refer from
over 1 year ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Needs Review

Add Drag & Drop Events for views (not only calendar views) (Category: Make classic applications great again)

Having these events would make Classic applications more "up to date": You could let the user drag & drop documents in views in order to reorder them. Of course the developer would need to write the code to change the items to reorder, but ha...
over 5 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 2 Under Consideration

Add the ability to have a URL or compose email to a view column to click on

It would be nice to have the ability to have a column in a view have either an email or a URL address to be clicked on. For an email address, it would compose the email and for a web address it would open the addressin a browser.
over 1 year ago in Domino Designer / Views 1 Needs Review

It should be possible to set the row height in a view to a value greater than 9.

It happens fairly often that I want a view column to display more than 9 list entries. This happens often when the field displayed in the column contains either email addresses or file names. I would like to see the limit on row height increased t...
over 2 years ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Under Consideration