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Allow NotesStream to be handled in memory for streams greater than 51 KB instead of writing tmp file to disk

If the NotesStream is up to 51200 bytes then it is handled in memory, but if it is greater than 51200 bytes then it is written as a tmp file into the Domino temp folder.

To test this, run the following LotusScript on a Domino Server (Windows) and then check the Domino Temp folder for NotesStream temp files being created.

Sub Click(Source As Button)

Dim s As New NotesSession

Dim stream As NotesStream

Dim x As Long

Set stream = s.CreateStream

' 25600 - A stream up to 51200 bytes is handled in memory

' 25601 - A stream greater than 51200 bytes will be written as a file into the domino temp folder

' (One character needs 2 bytes)

For x = 1 To 2560100

Call stream.WriteText(|X|)


Print stream.Position

Call stream.Close

End Sub

Use Case: For every web page load of thousands a day, which uses the NotesStream class and if it often exceeds 51 KB, then Domino writes it to disk. This is unnecessary and could be avoided if the threshold would be higher. Today's servers have more than enough memory capacity to handle that, but unnecessary writing to disks should be still avoided. This would help much for web servers performance.


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  • Aug 5 2022
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