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Workspace Domino Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 27, 2023

Minify file resources (JS + CSS)

It would be useful if Domino Designer could automatically minify Javascript and CSS file resources, so we can work on the un-minified versions in the database design, but have the minified versions served to web users.

Currently, we have to manually minify the files, so we end up with two versions of every file in the database (original and minified) which is a pain to make sure they are kept in sync.

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  • Guest
    Jan 14, 2024

    Minifying CSS and JavaScript files offers several benefits, particularly for web performance and efficiency:

    1. **Reduced File Size**: Minification removes unnecessary characters (like whitespace, comments, and line breaks) from the source code. This results in smaller file sizes, which means the files use less bandwidth and load faster.

    2. **Improved Load Time**: Smaller files download quicker, leading to faster page load times. This is crucial for user experience, especially on mobile devices with slower internet connections.

    3. **Efficient Caching**: Minified files can be cached more efficiently by browsers. When a user revisits your website, these files can be loaded from the cache rather than being downloaded again, which speeds up the website's performance.

    4. **Reduced Server Load**: By serving smaller files, you reduce the amount of data your server needs to transfer, which can decrease server load and potentially reduce hosting costs.

    5. **Improved Parsing and Execution Time**: Since minified files are smaller, they can be parsed and executed faster by the browser. This is particularly important for JavaScript, where execution time can directly affect page interactivity and responsiveness.

    6. **Error Elimination**: The process of minification can sometimes help in identifying and eliminating coding errors, as it involves cleaning up the code.

    7. **Enhanced Security**: Minification can obfuscate the code, which makes it slightly harder for someone to reverse-engineer or copy your JavaScript or CSS. However, this should not be relied upon as a primary security measure.

    8. **Consolidation of Files**: Often, minification processes include combining multiple CSS or JS files into one. This reduces the number of HTTP requests needed to load a page, further enhancing performance.

    Overall, minifying CSS and JS files is a best practice for web development, contributing to faster, more efficient, and potentially more secure web applications.

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Feb 23, 2023

    Do you have an examples from your environment on the benefits? e.g. load time before/after minimizing resources?

  • Guest
    Jan 27, 2023

    HTML too!