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All design elements for Notes Client and Web development in the NSF using Domino Designer out of the box.

For those who don't wish or can't spend the time and resource integrated other technologies into Domino or becoming 'full stack' developers. Those who just wish to use one product to develop their applications, as we did with Notes. I guess something between 'citizen developer' and 'full stack developer'.


Going back 10 years all the advice was to stop developing using standard Forms Views etc and to embrace XPages and Java etc. The benefits of separating the data from the presentation was there for all to see. Many bought in it and went up the steep learning curve with little quality documentation other than which the community produced, making the learing more of a black art than an exact science.  The introduction of XPiNC (although still very clunky) ensured we could have the best of both worlds, eg. benefits of Notes Views and flexibilty of XPages. Forward to the past 3 or 4 years the advice from the higher end developers has changed to ditch XPages and implement other technologies on or into Domino to achieve the objective.


Forward again to the past 12 mths and the path seems to be that of traditional Notes design elements being developed further by HCL . Especially with the release of Nomad and talk again of Notes in a Browser.


The net result being from my businesses perspective, having spent considerable time and effort slowly and painfully moving all our applications to be based around XPages, -we are 2/3 through, -we are now starting to develop using traditional design elements again, because we worry about the lack of development and focus on XPages or similar. But the flexibility of XPages is just not there with traditional Notes development.


I am not sure if I speak for others, but I would appreciate a clear message from HCL rather than rely on the many differing community opinions that the intention is that we can use Notes/Domino out of the box and have all the tools for Notes Client and modern web development in an NSF using Domino Designer.

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  • Feb 13 2020
  • Likely to implement
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  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2020 01:36pm

    It would be beneficial to know if this is likely to be XPages to end the limbo.

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2020 10:03am

    Likely to implement - fantastic.