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Workspace Domino Designer
Created by Guest
Created on May 27, 2021

LotusScript Documentation for all NotesJSON* classes (and others that got added lately) is extremely poor

The NotesJSON* classes were introduced with Domino V 10.0.1. In V 11 a few methods were added but the documentation is still as poor as on day one.

Most prominent example:

NotesJSONElement.Type property just says this:

Constant in JSON element that indicates the type of value represented by the value property

Data type


One of:


And that's it: no hints as to which type is bound to which value, just named constants in alphabetical order (no: Jsonelem_type_array is NOT representing value = 1, that would be Jsonelem_type_object...).

Other example:


Retrieves a NotesJSONElement using JSON Pointer syntax to identify the element

etc. No hint in regards to when to use a pointer as opposed to use GetElementByName

Of course I can look that up somewhere in the web. Still this is extremley poor. Compare it to other LotusScript classes and their methods and you know what I mean.

Also: unlike other classes / methods / properties there's no hinting as to which Designer version introduced those classes / methods.

For a much more positive example see e.g.

NotesReplicationEntry (LotusScript®)

Represents the replication settings for a pair of servers in a database.

Note: This class is new with Release 6.

NotesJSON* classes are just an example; I could come up with others of classes/methods/properties added lately.

Please invest a couple of days to polish up Designer documentation to be like it used to be in the past!

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  • Guest
    Mar 15, 2024

    I second the problem with GetElementByPointer specifically. There's only one example, and it's for the second-simplest case. It'd be good to have more-complicated examples, particularly ones that address arrays, and also to link to an explanatory page. I happen to know that "JSON Pointer" is a spec, but it's not clear from the doc page. If nothing else, linking to the RFC in the same way that, say, NotesDOMEntityNode links to the spec on would help a lot.

  • Guest
    Mar 24, 2023

    NotesJSONElement types







    and an unmentioned

    6= byte array?

  • Guest
    Mar 24, 2023

    NotesHTTPRequest documentation also needs updating, what is the PreferJSONNavigator flag for?