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Status Under Consideration
Workspace Domino Designer
Categories LotusScript
Created by Guest
Created on May 7, 2022

Misleading documentation must be corrected esp. in the NotesDominoQuery area

I'm currently fighting my way into the DQL and QRP classes (LotusScript/Java), and found many bad and misleading information as well as missing parts in Designer help. To begin with, there are only examples in the LotusScript area, Java examples are missing altogether.

And the given LS examples are full of mistakes:

Set Query$ = "firstname = 'Annabelle' and lastname = 'Stevens' and 'Personview'.dept = 'Sales'"
Set ResultName = "MySavedResults"
Set ExpireHours = 72

Novices in LotusScript may not be aware that we can't use "Set" when it comes to assigning values to scalar variables...

2nd example is NotesDominoQuery.setNamedVariable:

The method's description isn't of much help, saying:

...The name of a substitution variable specified in a DQL query, after the question mark. So "date_of_birth? is seen as ?date_of_birth in DQL syntax.

Turning to the example below things are getting worse:

TheQuery.Setnamedvariable("lastname", "Stevens")
Set Query$ = "firstname != 'Annabelle' and lastname = "lastname"
Set doccol = TheQuery.Execute(Query$)

The 2nd line here is completely wrong and misleading: either it should be "... and lastname = 'lastname' ", or rather "... and lastname = ?lastname" (which doesn't work for me either, but that's a different story).

In combination with the method's description I assume that it should be "... = ?lastname".

Newly added methods like the ones regarding NamedResultSets "DQL.RemoveNamedResult" and "DQL.RemoveAllQueryNamedResults" are missing altogether at the class description. They are only mentioned in the "What's new in the Domino Designer 12.0.1" area.

There are many more examples. Bottom line is:

An accurate Domino Designer help still is extremely important, esp. if we want to pull in new Designers to support the product (and I bet we want that!). And if there are examples in Designer help (and they are needed!) then please make sure they are accurate and meaningful!