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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 29, 2022

One item but different values in LS and Formula

If you create a date/time item and write the year "0022", LotusScript interprets it as "2022" but Formula Language interprets it as "22". Because of this, you can't validate the item value properly by LotusScript and rely on the right value when you use it in views and so on by Formula Language.

I would suggest that

  • the (displayed) item value should be converted automatically to "2022" if the item is configured to show a 4-digit-year

  • Formula Language should interepret the value the same way as LotusScript

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  • Guest
    Jun 29, 2022

    A bit of advice: change your logic on the field to prevent two-digit years. LotusScript was changed in 1990s to interpret any two-digit year < 51 as 1900s, and any two-digit year > 50 as 2000s. If the date had been entered as 01.06.51 the year you would get would have been "1951" in LotusScript and "51" in Formula Language. I have no idea what will happen with that LotusScript logic as we approach 2050, I would not be prepared to guess.

    If you want to use a four-digit year in your application (or might want to use the value as a date externally at any point in the future), force it on input via validation or input translation.