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Status No Plans to Implement
Workspace Domino
Categories Administration
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 22, 2019

improve renaming users on a large scale

As any organisation, renaming of departments is common. On a large scale, moving users to a new certifier is a thing. During the time it takes to complete the proces, users experience difficulties with calender items.
1) When renaming takes place, the owner of an calendar appointment cannot edit their appointments during the proces
2) When accepting an invite, sometimes the owner cannot see who accepted or not.
3) Think big on this one...How do we move several thousands of users (we now are limited to batches of max 300 at a time) when handling 20k name changes this simply takes too long.
4) stay friends with other systems on the rack : During names changes, the CPU load of the server is sky-high....
5) do names in calendar items need to change ? even when 5 or ten years old ?
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  • Guest
    Jan 14, 2020

    its a pitty you think this way. In most smaller environments, i agree it probably isnt a problem. Even putting more power behind. But in enterprise environments, these operations effect different servers on the frame(s). The question i was leaving behind, is to let you guys think on improving. We have aprx.  20 Million calendar appointments, most of them very old. Cleaning is up to the users, most of them dont care or dont know. Do we need to change all the old documents, just sitting in the mailfile, never to be touched again, except for the server in case of name changes. Is it a problem when a user cannot edit a 5 year (non-repeating) old calendar document anymore ? Because adminp has an option to skip 3, 4 , or 5 year old calendar documents ? think about the advantage ; every appointment has multiple documents, and in everyones mailfile, these documents must be changed, for every user. I feel this is very non-efficient....

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Jan 11, 2020
    The rename process needs to touch all readers/authors fields on purpose. This is not just a cosmetic action. The process takes a longer time when you have large servers, so you can either add more power to the server or build smaller servers to speed things up. Conceptually it is unlikely that HCL is going to put a large effort into redesigning this process because of the low demand. Please continue to vote for this idea if you think it should receive more attention