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Created by Guest
Created on May 3, 2020

Create a prometheus compliant exporter for domino stats.

Domino 10 added filesystem based exporter of stats for usage with external monitoring solutions.

The de-facto standard for monitoring is becoming Prometheus with it's common format for exporting an application's stats.


I'd like to have a new domino server tasks that can be started on the server and provides Prometheus compliant data from Domino's statistics.

It should start a tiny http server and provide resources for scraping by a prometheus or micrologging server.

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  • Guest
    Feb 20, 2022

    I am also voting for this feature.

    In the meantime I am using a local workaround by transforming the Domino STATPUB files in a format that can be scraped by Prometheus by using a simple Node-Red flow. I documented it here:

  • Guest
    May 7, 2020

    Daniele Vistalli and myself have been looking for a way to allow another server to pull instead of push statistics.

    The code is already there as Daniele found out.

    Our shared idea was to put the file into the domino/html directory and serve it from there.

    We found the following documentation. But it turns out the file is always appended and not overwritten.

    You can specify a data like in this example. So that a local application. could take an remove it.

    But if you set a static file, this will grow forever. The file seems to be created without the overwrite option if already exists.

    Having a switch to turn that off, would help us to use it with cool need monitoring applications like Prometheus !

    Panopta is using the option to create a file per interval and will probably remove it on it's own.

    We don't want a local logic.

    Pushing or pulling the data is a great way!

    Of course we have to take care about authentication. But we can protect HTML files...

    This would be a small cool change for a FP :-)

    And maybe having it directly served from the HTTP task in the next release?

    I could build a DSAPI to serve and remove it. But having it out of the box working to be used for Prometheus and other tools out of the box would be awesome!

    Daniel Nashed!online-help/integrate-with-domino/q/domino/qid/7838/qp/1



    STATPUB_HEADERS=Content-type: application/json

    STATPUB_DATA_HEAD={"agent_payload_version": 1.0, "plugin_textkey": "com.pnp-hcl.dominostats", "plugin_category_name": "Domino Statistics", "metrics": [$Newline$

    STATPUB_METRIC_FORMAT={"textkey": "$Name$", "label": "$Name$", "value": $Value$, "unit": "(units)", "timestamp": "$Timestamp$"}

    STATPUB_DELTA_METRIC_FORMAT={"textkey": "Rate.$Name$", "label": "$Name$ Rate", "value": $Value$, "unit": "(units per minute)", "timestamp": "$Timestamp$"}