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Workspace Domino
Categories Security
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 5, 2020

Allow Editor and below access in ACL to modify Soft Deletion settings in Mail File Preferences

A Mail Settings was created to delete trash folder in certain number of hours and was set as "Initial Value". This settings was assigned to users under Policy Assignment of the Mail Policy. Users that has an "Editor" and below access in the ACL of the mail file cannot edit the number of hours in the Soft Deletion field.

The idea is to allow them to do the changes. As some restrictions are needed to be implemented to user's mailfile.

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  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2020

    Why was this setting added to iNotes Properties? Some users put mail in Trash as a quick triage in order to unclutter their inbox at a glance. This is what they are accustomed to in other mail clients. When they realize they are missing an important message, they restore from Trash. However, they figure this days or weeks or months after removing from the inbox. The time deemed reasonable for Trash to be auto-deleted varies from person to person. Some would set it to 7 days. Some would set it to 30 days. Some have requested that Trash is NEVER deleted automatically. Several users in multiple companies have complained to me about the 48-hour limit over the years. Administrators don't have time to change this setting for everyone.

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Sep 6, 2020

    What are these good reasons of why an end user must be in control of the soft delete interval configuration?

  • Guest
    Aug 6, 2020

    It used to be that Manager access was required in order to run the Out of Office. The problem with giving end users Manager access to their mail files, is that sometimes, they would try to delete a message by selecting File > Database > Delete. Then of course their whole mail file was one and had to be restored from tape.

    In v6 if memory serves, Out of Office was made to work for users with only Designer access. This was better but still users sometimes mistakenly replaced the design of their mail file with another template. In v7 this was reworked to allow Editors in the mail file ACL to run Out of Office.

    For the same reasons, we still do not want to give users more than Editor access today. However, there are good reasons for end users to be able to adjust their soft delete time.

    Please use profile documents and adminp to allow Editors to change the soft delete time that is exposed in the More > Preferences dialog in the mail file.