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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 29, 2021

Adding alternate name to the Cert ID in One-touch Setup

User registration is available for One-touch Setup in 12.0.1. I need to create several servers in the same environment for testing my apps and for customers to try them out, and One-touch Setup helps a lot.

In my app, I use a alternate name of user name. I emphasize to my customers that user names can be displayed on the app in an alternate name.

To add an alternate name to a user ID, it is necessary to add the alternate language to the Cert ID as a prerequisite.

To add an alternate language to an Cert ID, you need an Administrator client. It is my understanding that this cannot be implemented in LotusScript either.

This means that after setting up your environment with One-touch Setup, you will need to do some additional work with the Administrator client. You will need the password for the Cert ID to do the work. I don't like the idea of having someone who is building an environment to test my application, or an environment for customers to try out, do something that requires an Administrator client. They will need to install the Administrator client just to perform this operation, and they will need to provide the password for the Cert ID.

If possible, I would like to see it extended to allow adding an alternate language in the process of automatically creating the Cert ID in One-touch setup.

It would be great to be able to add alternate name to users that can now be registered in 12.0.1



"serverSetup": {
"org": {
"orgName": "beta",
"certifierPassword": "password",
"altLanguage": [
"altOrg": [

"IDFilePath": ""
"registerUsers": {
"defaults" : {
"saveIDToPersonDocument": true,
"password": "Z@9f52AoW0",
"mailTemplatePath": "mail12.ntf",
"enableFullTextIndex": true,
"certificateExpirationMonths": 3
"users": [
"firstName": "Ichiro",
"middleName": "",
"lastName": "Suzui",
"shortName": "ISuzui",
"altname": "Japanese name for Ichiro",
"altnamelang": "ja",

"mailFilePath": "mail/Isuzui.nsf",
"IDFilePath": "",
"internetAddress": "ichiro.suzui@sample.local"
"firstName": "Hideki",
"middleName": "",
"lastName": "Masui",
"shortName": "HMasui",
"altname": "Japanese name for Hideki",
"altnamelang": "ja",

"mailFilePath": "mail/HMasui.nsf",
"IDFilePath": "",
"internetAddress": "hideki.masui@sample.local"

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