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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 18, 2022

Domino Backup Prune is a (too) powerful command

Please consider a kind of "lock" on the prune command.

Let me explain with an example:

You have setup your Domino backup with a 14 day retention.

If you run "lo backup -p" Domino backup will honor your 14 day retention, so far so good.

If you (by accident) run "lo backup -p 1"

All the backups older than 1 day is deleted! Just like that! No warning, no nothing!

Please implement a "confirmation dialog" where you are prompted for confirmation if you specify "lo backup -p <number of days>" At least if you (by accident) specify a number of days less than the configured retention.

For those "living on the edge" admins the prune safety feature could be disabled using a notes.ini setting on the server. ;-)

For example:


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  • Guest
    Oct 10, 2022

    A question on the console might not help!
    You can run this command remotely and there is no way to have that question.

    But by default a prune with less than let's say 5 days could be disabled and a warning message is shown with the notes.ini parameter to override.

    There should be no prune needed in normal operations.

    And specially with backups to a file target, you should take other ways to secure those backups cannot be overwritten, before your defined retention period is reached.

    If all the backups are in writable access for the server, there is still a ransomware risk for your backup!

    Depending on your platform and storage solution, there might be different ways to protect your backups.

    [ Daniel Nashed / HCL Lifetime Ambassador ]