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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 12, 2022

Modification on Search Database created using searchsite.ntf

More details to be shown on the search results of the search database created using searchsite.ntf

Currently, it shows the following details:

  1. Rel%

  2. Link

  3. Title

The search results can be made more informational if we can include fields such as Subject, Topic, Document Title

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  • Guest
    Apr 28, 2022

    Ref. The Lotus Script against the Start Search Button

    It uses the documentCollection dc retuned by the ftsearch mothod to create a nl NotesNewsletter object.

    Before the nl.FormatMsgWithDocLinks(db) statement is executed, if the following code is inserted

    nl.Dosubject = True

    nl.Subjectitemname = "Subject"

    This has no effect to the NotesNewsletter result produced by the Set nldoc = nl.FormatMsgWithDocLinks(db) executed statement.


    Before the statement Set nldoc = nl.FormatMsgWithDocLinks(db) , set the IsMultiDbSearch to false db.IsMultiDbSearch = False and then execute FormatMsgWithDocLinks and then immediately reset IsMultiDbSearch to true.

    The above approach creates the desired newletter object with the subject value of the subject field in the document rather then the DB Title, but the doclink provided has invalid replica id.

    To solve the above replica id, loop thru all the doclink provided in the Richtext field and the document collection and set the correct value to the replica id.

    Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem( nldoc, "Body" )

    Set rtnav = rtitem.CreateNavigator

    If Not rtnav.FindFirstElement(RTELEM_TYPE_DOCLINK) Then

    Messagebox "No doclinks in Body item",, "No doclinks"

    Exit Sub


    Set docSrchResult = dc.GetFirstDocument

    End If


    If docSrchResult Is Nothing Then

    Exit Do

    End If

    Set rtlink = rtnav.GetElement

    rtlink.DBReplicaID = docSrchResult.ParentDatabase.ReplicaID

    Set docSrchResult = dc.GetNextDocument(docSrchResult)

    Loop While rtnav.FindNextElement

    Doing so provides the result, so I believe HCL can provide a similar solution