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Created by Guest
Created on May 27, 2024

Feature/ Option that will Limit/ control the Memory assigned to Domino server and Domino task

Is it possible to restrict Domino from using more than a certain amount of memory?

Can we add feature/ Option that will Limit/ control the memory utilized by / allotted to the Domino from the Operating system.

Additionally, Can we add feature/ Option that will Limit/ control the memory utilized by / allotted to the Domino Task (maintenance task Updall, Fixup, Compact).

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  • Guest
    May 30, 2024

    Can you please explain the issue you are facing in detail?
    Domino isn't using much memory per servertask. The only servertaks that might need more memory would be HTTP depending on the number of threads allocated and the application used.

    Beside that the biggest memory allocation is in shared memory. The most prominent shared memory buffer is the NSF Buffer pool which by default grows up to 1 GB. For smaller servery you might want to tune down this parameter to reduce memory consumtion. 1 GB might not be needed for a small server.

    Beside that memory pool there is no real large memory allocation that you could tune.
    Domino will allocated what it needs and for tasks like compact, fixup, update (by the way you should move to the newer functionality DBMT replacing those maintainence servertasks).

    The servertasks don't use much memory. It's all shared memory for NSF buffer pool, which is a kind of cache for NSF I/O.
    Even on large servers Domino itself does not need more than 4 GB of memory (there are special cases like Traveler but normal Domino isn't memory hungry compared to other applications).

    Can you please describe the actual problem you are facing?
    - What size of server do you have? (Number of users)
    - Which OS and Version + Domino Version?
    - How much Domino memory allocation do you see and how much would you expext?
    - How do you measure the size of the memory?
    On Windows task manager shows shared memory mapped to a process as part of the memory for a process. So you see memory mapped into the process that looks like a lot of memory.
    - In case you are running Windows 2019 and have a large server with a lot of large databases, you might run into known issues in Windows 2019 memory management and should update to Windows 2022.

    [ Daniel Nashed /]