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Workspace Domino
Categories Integration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 26, 2018

Send mail to multiple smarthost.

Client request for domino server to route the mails to only specific set of ids from existing domino mail server to network appliance and then mails will be routed to other mail application

Sample scenario:
Connected via Smart host to other company Domino server due to same domain name
Client tried to connect cloud Domain (With same domain Name ) but mail trying to reach Smart Host domain and fail .

IF it not find this ID at Smart Host domain it should route to MX but its fails.

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  • Guest
    Aug 23, 2021

    I agree we need some more functionality here. I suggest we give the 'SMTP-connection document(s)' an additional role. There is a "SMTP MTA relay host", but does not function as expected. If we do not want to change existing functionality, we need another connection doc to route SMTP mail to a specific MTA.

    Environments are getting more complex as organisations merge / split / cloudify. In these scenario's the same internet-domain is used in different mail-environments.

    Recipients in the same internet-domain might be known in the DNAP, while others might not. There are scenario's where Domino isn't the 'all knowing smart-host' for the internet-domain. Mail to unknown recipients (in the local internet-domain) can be routed to the Smart-host. This is existing functionality and works. No problem here.

    There is however no flexible method to route mail to other MTA's for recipients in the same internet-domain that are known in the DNAP. We can set a single Smart-Host and force all mail to it; but that's not flexible as it's only one. Also the other MTA might not know all Domino recipients.

    Domino should deliver mail locally (nsf) when possible, and route to other MTA's as configured.

    We should be able to route mail to other MTA's for specific users.

    Utilizing the 'Forwarding address' field is not desirable as it's address will be visible to external recipients. Example: A Domino user (A) sends an e-mail to a colleage with a forwarding address set (B) and an external recipient (C). In this case the external recipient(C) will see the forwarding address of the internal user (B) in the recipient list.


    I propose to enhance the 'SMTP-connection document(s)' functionality (or implement a new type) to be able to route mail to other MTA's based on the mail-system and Domain set on the person doc of the recipient. When its mail-system is set to "Other Internet Mail", the router should utilize the Domain and 'SMTP-connection document(s)' to route mail to a specific MTA.

    With this functionality we would be able to route mail to users in the same internet-domain, using another mail platform (cloud/merger/split).


    • Domino PNAB user has mail-system set to "Other Internet mail" and domain to "CLOUD"

    • 'SMTP-connection document links CLOUD domain to

    Mail sent to this user should be routed to


    Another method would be to route mail based on the recipient' [sender] group-membership.