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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 11, 2019

Enhance Domino Docker script / guides to mount external directories in volumes

As per the guide written here (, the recommended practice is to use docker volumes to host the notesdata directory. However the default directory for a docker volume is /var/libs/docker/volumes/ so this is bad news since there is no way we can allocate many gigabytes to /var partition.

Yes, I am aware that docker volume create command have --options that allow me to "mount" other "volumes", however when used this way there are some errors when the setup script ran.

tar: ./domino/adm-bin/acls: Cannot create symlink to `/opt/ibm/domino/bin/tools/execbin': Read-only file system
tar: ./domino/adm-bin/console: Cannot create symlink to `/opt/ibm/domino/bin/tools/execbin': Read-only file system
tar: ./domino/adm-bin/listdb: Cannot create symlink to `/opt/ibm/domino/bin/tools/execbin': Read-only file system
tar: ./domino/adm-bin/alerts: Cannot create symlink to `/opt/ibm/domino/bin/tools/execbin': Read-only file system
tar: ./domino/adm-bin/webstats: Cannot create symlink to `/opt/ibm/domino/bin/tools/execbin': Read-only file system
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

Those error does not seemed to affect the operation of Domino server, but to be able to resolve this is certainly appreciated.

Tinus Riyanto - Prisma Global Solusi

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  • Guest
    Jul 18, 2019

    @Thomas, agreed. That's why I put " / guides" on the title :D For the sake of other who might be experiencing this, I will outline the environment I am testing this on

    1. Mac OSX host 
    2. Virtualbox guest with CentOS 7.6. This is there Docker CE installed and domino docker script run.
    3. Shared folder on Virtualbox : installer -> /media/installer (on Centos), dominodata -> /media/dominodata (on Centos)
    4. All shared folder is mounted using 

      mount -t vboxsf dominodata -o uid=0,gid=0,fmode=777,dmode=777 /media/dominodata on /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    5. Docker volume created using 

      docker volume create --driver local --opt device=/media/dominodata --opt o=bind domino_hades_data

    6. On config_hades file I put either 

      DOCKER_VOLUMES = -v /media/dominodata:/local/notesdata or 

      DOCKER_VOLUMES = -v domino_hades_data:/local/notesdata

    7. I don't get the error if I create the volume using docker volume create domino_hades_data and DOCKER_VOLUMES = -v domino_hades_data:/local/notesdata. But this means that domino data reside in /var/libs/docker/volumes and I don't want that.

    I am sure that there is a permission issue somewhere, but so far experimenting with the volume options or mount permission yielded no positive result.

    Tinus Riyanto - Prisma Global Solusi

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Jul 18, 2019

    This can already be done with the current docker image - hosting the data directory somewhere else is a feature of the docker host, not the image that we are providing. please consult the documentation of docker for more information.