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How to Download Aptoide APK Free

Aptoide is the Android app store, an alternative to the popular Google Play Store. It has tens of thousands of applications, and its number is constantly growing, it is in fact a beautiful reality in continuous expansion. For many it is the first choice in terms of alternative for Android, but there are still many who unfortunately do not know it yet.

This is an alternative store that collects the apps available for Android and allows you to download and install them, a bit like Play Store, which is the official app store for Android. Despite its appearance, the store works very differently from the Play Store, centralized services with its own servers and a single content distributor (Google in the first case, Amazon in the second).

How exactly does it work?

Unlike the others, it is a distributed service, in which anyone can become a content distributor: this is possible thanks to its repository-based structure, typical of Linux package managers. The name also underlines this nature and difference, as it is composed of APT that wants to remember the default package manager of Debian-based distributions.

Customers and servers in this open store communicate thanks to an open xml-based protocol.

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This store is very interesting because it has become the home of many applications rejected by Google and Amazon, also inside you will find many applications changed (no ads or premium versions unlocked).

Is Aptoide legal?

The answer itself can only be yes, the store itself is perfectly legal. This app market is not present in the Play Store only because Google's policy expressly prohibits any alternative store (not even Amazon App Shop is present in the Play Store).

This alternative market is therefore perfectly legal when you install it, the same cannot be said of all repositories or stores. There are several stores that contain modified apps or games (to give free purchases, or to enable tricks), pirate apps, or paid apps distributed for free without any authorization from the authors.

So it's up to you, you can use it for what it is, home to great free apps left by Google out of its store, or you can decide to use illegal replenishment and download unlicensed apps and games.

Is Aptoide safe?

The answer is yes, even if the situation is complex. It has a valid built-in anti-malware (Aptoide Sentinel) that scans embedded applications, unfortunately it is really difficult to be behind all the applications that are continuously loaded. So the team has created a way to tell users which applications are safe because they are controlled, and which ones the user downloads at their own risk.

Now the apps are divided into three categories those with medals that identify them as safe, have been scanned and showed no suspicious behavior. The second category is the warning application, these applications have been scanned, and even if a virus has not been found they have something to suspect. The last category is applications marked as unknown, these have not yet been scanned.

If you want to make sure you don't get a virus, it's best to download only those apps that are marked as safe.

How are the different versions different?

There are three different versions, each designed to better satisfy a segment of your audience.

There is the standard canonical version, complete and effective. A lightweight version for older devices and capable of taking up much less memory. A version for Android TV and tvbox, suitable for use with remote control.

All three versions are completely in Spanish, which is not bad.

How do I baixar Aptoide?

As you may have guessed, this alternative app store deserves to be on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is easy to install. Download the updated APK of the following links:

How do I add repositories?

To get the most out of this alternative market you will need to install new repositories. Immediately after installation only the application repository, which is very populated, will be configured and enabled. But let's see how to add others to enjoy many more alternatives.

Adding repositories (also called stores) is anything but complicated. Just go to the Store tab and tap the Add more store item.

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