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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 31, 2019

Starting the Ballpen series  (First one of course got to be in Yellow with black printing....)

Starting the Ballpen series  (First one of course got to be in Yellow with black printing. A HCL logo somewhere might be o.k., too).



because there are quite a few people active in here that  just don't fit into the typical ibm HCL Champion type of honr.

- Version a) the one to hand out e.g.on Conferences (not just HCL but Usergroups, too), a regular ballpen of good quality.

- Version b) the Superhero Ballpen. This one obviously even better looking, in Y It comes in a box together with one of Version a) Lets say limitied to like 50 of them in a year....

Think of Version b) like it would be the (way) smaller version of a beacon award.  Price still low enough to allow everyone to acceept it. It should come with a written statement and in different categories. Those categorie might be
something like
- the fastet idea to get > 100 votes
- the fastest idea to get accepted for the product
- the one getting the biggest aplause in the first hcl internal meeting.
- the most constant person to go thru ideas and spread some 'likes'
- the best descriped idea.
- the easiest to get (understand) idea that made it into the product for in different contries (different languages).
- a series of internal folks (staff member of the year in reading those ideas and other areas you will have to figgure out yourself - not all the work needs to be done by me alone, right?).
And yes, the serial number (1 of 50 in 2019) should be on the pen.
And of course, the recipient is allowed a wish of a signature of a person within HCL of their choice
would we need a website to see the winners (and who signed them)

And yes, this should start in  this year, please! - just prove us that budgets currently don't need to be planned ahead for more than 2 weeks this days in HCL! (Hey I allready did pay 46,20 Euro -Invoice#5110010- for my 2020 Licence!)

Shamles plug: And actually, of course .. in year 1 and with serial number 1 there has to be a special price for the creator of this wonderful idea. actually the only ever Pen that comes even with foursignatures!   - huch this is me? really?  Well, for now, just imagine that it is well desrved.

P.S. just in Case: For me ... just in case:
Signature one would be Richard Jeffs - for the unbeleavable  job he is doing in the last 2 years or so for being visible each and everywhere - even though It is a well known fact, that this is only possible by having two full time doubles, too. - For this pen, now, only his Signature, not the ones of the doubles.
Signature two would be John Paganetti for what feels like more than 20 years of constant visibility and on top of this especially for going the extra mile for both technical parnter and customer queries in places like Partner Forum and Beta programes.
Signature three would be Maureen Leeland - too often unseen hero for many development related stuff . A Personal note: My wife and me had a lot of fun when having the honor of traveling around with her and her husband for a few days in southern Gernamny a few years ago. Special highlight that was wished? You think you can guess it right?  Just see yourself: It was finding a shop to allow her buying a viola bow (Garage type of shop of a cratsmann, the bow she finaly picked was used, broken and repaired again by someone unknown (not that I would have been able to see any of this without the hint of the sales person)  - and definitely antique.
Signature four would be an empty elipse, if possible drawn by Jan Kenney -  Besides honering her personal work of many years, It would be standing for all those folks at HCL (IBM LOTUS IRIS ...) that made Notes and Domino to what it is going to be soon again.

Larry Lafter would now probably hold his breath while this is in the works  -  na,  let's just don't overdue this.

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