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Status Planning to Implement
Workspace Sametime
Categories Meetings
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 21, 2018

Simplify the administration of Sametime server environment

Since you mention that removing WAS is a phased journey and support for Docker is coming, here is my thought on what a sametime admin has to do

  1. I have an existing Sametime A/V Enviroment. Once Docker image is available , how easy will it be for me to convert my existing environment to a docker based one ? If I have to engage a business partner again to do so then I might decide to not upgrade my environment since the cost cannot be justified.
  2. Once my environment is converted to Docker, how much effort I need to spent to update those server when new version come out ? Again I would rather not engage a business partner for a minor version upgrade.
  3. Even with WAS removed and Docker in place I will still have to manage multiple server. How do I deal with their startup / shutdown order ? How do I monitor their availability ? How do I get their statistics ?
  4. If there is a compelling reason to use cloud, how can I partially offload some of the servers (not all of course) to cloud ? What kind of cloud offering will be available ?
  5. On the opposite end, if I need to make my Sametime environment distributed across my sites how can I do so ? For example I might need A/V meeting between sites without having to route the traffic to HQ.

If you have any other ideas about what a sametime admin need, please comment and I will edit the topic to add them.

Tinus Riyanto, Prisma Global Solusi

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  • Admin
    Trevor Tallackson
    May 17, 2023

    @Tinus Riyanto we appreciate this feedback from many years ago. In our 2023 roadmap we are developing an admin interface prioritizing policy management and performance monitoring. From this first implementation, we'll continue to add features to provide many needed administration features. Thanks!

  • Guest
    Nov 23, 2020

    Hello Tinus,

    I know this post is old, but we have now shipped Sametime 11.5 Premium. Answers to your questions:

    1) There is no migration for meetings, your legacy meeting URLs will continue to work. No other information is preserved. More reading here.

    2) I was able to do this to move from pre-release to the shipped release and it was very minimal effort.

    3) The Sametime 11.5 Premium environment does not have the start order dependency that we used to have. In order to join a meeting however, the other servers (Proxy and Community) must be running. However start order is not important.

    4) We have several cloud hosting providers. For Sametime 11.5 Premium it is recommended to deploy using Kubernetes. We will be publishing whitepapers on how to deploy in Amazon EKS and Google GKE. Other Kubernetes cloud providers are expected to work. Additional info on Kubernetes here.

    5) There are a few deployment strategies to consider based upon your needs. It is recommended you reach out to our HCL Technical Advisors team. You can contact them here:

    I also invite you to post any questions you have to the Sametime Community Forum, which is monitored by various HCL teams, including our tech support team, partners and customers.