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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 19, 2022

KeepReplyForwardMime on users demand

You may configure the Notes client to either forward Internet MIME e-mail "as is" or still editable ("KeepReplyForwardMime" in notes.ini).

I understand why it was implemented in this "either or" manner.

But sometimes you may want to forward a e-mail keeping its original formatting to keep it being readable. But other times you may want to forward it and edit the forwarded text before sending.

Changing this notes.ini setting is too complicated for the normal user to do. Also it needs a restart of the client to get into effect.

So it would be handy to be able to choose on a per-e-mail basis whether it should be forwarded editable or with original MIME formatting.

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  • Guest
    Oct 2, 2023

    Okay, more than a year later I found out that this is - somewhat - already possible. Depending on which default behaviour you want to have.

    First of all I noticed that "KeepReplyForwardMime" can not be configured in the Notes.ini alone. Instead it is also present as an option in the GUI of the Notes client ("Enable Reply/Forward as MIME" in the "Basic Notes Client Configuration"). Using this is a lot more user friendly than fiddling around in the Notes.ini. Also you do not need to restart the client after changing the option to get into effect.

    I do not know since when this option is available in the GUI. But at least in 12.0.2 it is.

    Also, when activating that option, a message prompt appears telling you that the behaviour can be overriden on demand:

    "You have enabled the use of an embedded browser to show a read only version of the original message on Reply/Forward of a MIME message.

    Use Ctrl+Shift to override this behavior when clicking reply or forward."

    This is exactly what I ment by writing "on users demand".

    But still one use case is not possible: You can only override this behaviour when the option is activated, so forwarding as read-only MIME is the default. If you want to have forwarding editable MIME as the default (option is off) but want to override this on demand, it is not possible.

    So it would be nice if holding down Ctrl+Shift when clicking reply/forward would *alway*s use the opposite behaviour no matter if the option is activated or not.