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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 17, 2018

Slow Performance Fix: Caching of Java libraries (attachments) in Agents and Script libraries

We have many complaints of Notes being so slow, ....because when running  Java agents Notes/Domino must first detach the files (libraries) in the Java agents or Script Libraries to disk before running the agent.

This could easily take 10-30 seconds.

There is a HUGE advantage to having Java libraries (attachments)  in Script Libraries instead of placing them in the lib\Ext folder, which is versioning.

You can have 100 agents using  a Java lib like "Javalib 1.0".

When "JavaLib 1.5" comes out and you want to use it for future Agents, but you don't want to change and test 100 agents (running well).
Instead you just create a new Script Library with "Javalib 1.5" and use that for future agents. A very very nice and time saving feature...just very very slow to load since the files are not cached but are detached from design element everytime the agent is run

So my suggestions are:
1) First fix the dreaded "out of memory" bug that has existed since like forever when running agent using libraries . See suggestion and vote for it now!

2) Caching of the library files by use of HASH values
The general idea is: The Java Script Library design element should hold a HASH value for each file.
When an agent runs it checks for the files (in relevant folders) on disk using the HASH values.
If not present it detaches the files to disk (cache)

The idea goes for both the Notes client and Domino      

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  • Guest
    Nov 25, 2021

    Please note that HCL Ambassador Daniele Vistalli is working on a very good solution for this!!