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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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Add ability to import ics/vcard when using iNotes

iNotes does not currently allow you to import a ics or vcard. This is much needed when receiving invitations from external users who are using Exchange or Webex or even travel itineraries. Ability to import someones contact info from a vcard is al...
over 5 years ago in Notes 0 Shipped

Please leave the user-defined width of the navigation pane as it is (Notes V10)

When you organize your mails in folders you can't see the entire folder structure without resize the width of the naviation pane.Since Notes V10 the width size of the navigation pane remains the same until the mailbox is reopened and the user has ...
over 5 years ago in Notes 3 Shipped

Policy setting to prevent local replicas

This would be good to prevent certain users from creating local replicas on their computer, this is a security concern.
over 4 years ago in Notes 1 Shipped

Number the options in Preferences - Basic Notes Client Configuration - Additional Options list

File - Preferences - Basic Notes Client Configuration - Additional Options.In V10 there are 44 options in the list. Number the list so it is easier to find a given option. Also include the number in the corresponding entry on the User Policy Setti...
about 5 years ago in Notes 0 Shipped

Multiple application icon selection and operations on Workspace

The idea is to allow selecting of multiple application icons on Notes Workspace, move selected icons across Workspace and tabs. Like icons on Windows or Mac OS desktop.
almost 2 years ago in Notes 1 Shipped

Notes Client should contain all G1 Dictionary Files

In many cases, international customers work with English client versions. But what is often needed are the dictionary files for other languages mainly G1. It would be great if English and G1 language versions should contain all dictionary files fo...
about 5 years ago in Notes 1 Shipped

Make tile spacing scalable

Hi, We are planing an upgrade to Notes11... and we have some workspaces that have alot of tiles... The spacing between tiles on the Notes11 Client is very big which makes the tiles move down and we have to scroll... not very pretty. Is there alrea...
over 3 years ago in Notes 2 Shipped

Help the client to dectect Fake mails. Make it visible if a mail came via SMTP (and other stuff)

Motivation / Background: Yesterday a customer called. In this company, there was a 'boss writes secretary do you have time for me today?' type of mail. The reply address (only after reply was clicked) pointed clearly 'somewhere', but besides this,...
over 4 years ago in Notes 2 Shipped

"Copy Link as URL" for document and view.

Users must generate manually URL of Notes document and/or view for URL access. Adding menu "Copy Link as URL" in right -click menu and top menu will be quite useful. It is quite easy to realise it as pluin extension. Microsoft Teams does not accep...
almost 3 years ago in Notes 1 Shipped

Notes Client - Search Result for all databases in One Page.

We are requesting a centralized area of results for a search. So that we can just do one-time searching for the keyword, this can save the user's time on searching on all databases. This means a single page / area that can show the search result f...
about 2 years ago in Notes 2 Shipped