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Status Under Consideration
Workspace Admin Client
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 11, 2023

Enhancements on searching Documents in Admin Client

I am more a developer, but used the feature to good success the other day first time after years of not using it.

(For those not aware: Usage: Admin Client, open Server in Question -or lokal-, right click on the database in Question and select the menu item to search for a document).

What I would like to see:

a) Don't make me select if I want to search by doc-id or UNID (The Search butten should make the decission for me based on the length of the ID I enterred).
(The other day: I searched for a UNID, but did not change the radio button and got the info 'document not found' for a document that was in the database - and did waste useless time with backups, and of course this had to be a >50GB Database)

b) Search button should tell me if I typed in an invalid ID (and tell me why it is invalid - e.g. the length does not fit, or I might have typed one or more illegal characters in the search string).

c) Once the document is found it would be cool to have the option to open it in the 'advanced' Properties Dialog of the Client (actually an option to open the document in general would sometimes be helpful too).

Not at all checked /half baked ideas (Not really part of my wish, but maybe for a discussion while on this).

k) it should be able to find deletion stubs (I did NOT check if already there) - and be able to tell me when the document was deleted
=> use case: To allow me to decide what time range of backup would have the document)

l) Allow to copy to clipboard a Notes Type URL to the document found by the search. Reason: I might want to do a Mail to some user, with a link to open this document- or just simply store this link for later use after searching for a bunch of other documents, too.

Tia, Bernfried

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