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Created by Guest
Created on May 17, 2022

Create users via text file or csv needs to catch up to the R12 times

The fields and functionality of the text file/csv are limited given TOTP requirements.

For customers with applications that previously created internet person documents, they now have to convert all of them(in my current case, we have 16,000) into Notes ID registered users with their new ID in the ID Vault.

Even using the text/csv import file, there are problems.

1) These Internet-only users do not use mail, but there is no way to mark them as using "Other" mail and still register them with an ID.

2) Similarly, the ONLY way to register a user via text/csv is if the user is listed as a Notes or HCL iNotes defined user in the text/csv. If I have to wait for a mail file to be created, that I don't need, this process alone can take over 2 days to complete for 16,000 people. And then, I have to delete 16,000 mail files and edit/fix all of the person documents.

3) Under Options on the Registration form/page there is a "Don't prompt for a duplicate mail file", but the options are bewildering. Skip the registration, change the file name, or replace the existing one. Why is there not an option that says skip creation of a maile file and continue? At least with the last option, we could create a single dummy mail file and process everyone much faster.

4) And, most importantly, since the 16,000 already exist as Internet person documents, why can't I just run the process and let it overwrite the fields in the existing document, instead of ignoring it and making all new person documents, which is how it works now? I tried "Don't prompt for a duplicate person" and set that Option to "Update the existing address book entry" but that is not working. Also, we have checked the "allow registration of previously registered people" but that does nothing, again, because it is not seeing Internet created users as registered users, which while it makes sense and is working as designed, does not allow for the TOTP enforced registration requirements. Maybe there is some new way to register people that previously existed as Internet persons?

5) It should ask if we want to update the existing internet password(we don't) and that way we can create a new ID with a password for the new ID which the Internet user will never use anyway, but retain their existing password, minimising support issues.

Thank you

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  • Guest
    May 17, 2022

    This has potential to make registration and updates in conjunction with ID Vault much better. Yes please go ahead with this.