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Allow usage of network paths for file operations without using windows drive letters

it's never been easy to access file ressources located on a network drive from LotusScript file operations like 'open'. With Domino running as a Windows service, or on Linux we cannot use drive letters for network ressources, at least not without resorting to weird workarounds

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  • Apr 12 2019
  • Under Consideration
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  • Guest commented
    18 Mar 04:17pm

    From checking, as file shares are common since decades, so LS should finally support true UNC to make this a multi-platform

  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 01:13pm

    "Set x = CreateObject(...)"

    nice approach indeed; similar approach here, but using the SHELL function right away as in "Shell('NET USE ...')

    Problem is: this ONLY works on Windows servers. With true UNC support there's a chance to make this a multi platform approach

  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 12:15pm

    Set x = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
    x.MapNetworkDrive "x:","\\\acmeshare", False, "acme\user001","myPassWord"

    If Not Dir$("x:\", 16) = "" Then


    x.RemoveNetworkDrive "x:"


    Works just fine for me to get at remote file resources from script from Domino on Windows.  Well the mapping does, the RemoveNetworkDrive command stopped working years ago (MS changes?) so just run a batch file at the end of the script to remove the mapping.


    RemDrive = Shell("c:\killx.bat")


    killx.bat file content:


  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 10:33am

    In comment to the first comment:

    "While I would like this, a service is not a logged in user, and therefore has no drive letters."

    That is exactly the point: I 'd love to see the ability in LotusScript to useUNC paths instead of being restricted to drive letters! Drive letters are ok for local drives if the server is a windows machine, but completely useless for network ressources

  • Guest commented
    12 Apr, 2019 06:49pm

    While I would like this, a service is not a logged in user, and therefore has no drive letters.

    However I votet for this because this one as well as the second related problem should be more visible in Desinger/Admin Help:

    How to figgure out if there is enough access right in the first place (Every now and than I write an Agent using a unc Name for file access and show that run form the client it works, and tell them to come back once it will work run from the server, too. Many come back not being able to cope with this, often enough have never heard of the backgrounds).