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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 9, 2022

Domino Backup: Automatically save DXL files of any type of backup.

Currently Domino Backup does not automatically export the DXL files of all the backups it performs (nsf and translog). It can be done manually.

It would be useful if the DXL files were also saved together with the logs, so as to be able to reconstruct the contents of the db dominobackup.nsf (or integrate it) in case of disaster recovery.

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  • Guest
    Dec 24, 2022

    There is no automated way and translogs are backed up in a different way. So the logs are not used to restore the translog extends.

    Translogs extended have consecutive numbers and in case transaction log is recreated you get a new LogID number.

    Restoring translogs also works on a completely different way, than restoring a normal backup.

    During restore of a database the recovery operation will ask for translog extends with a specific number and LogID.

    The restore scripts in Domino backup are intended to restore translog extends one by one as needed.

    Your backup scripts for translogs already has all the information about the transaction logs. there is no need to export anything.

    I don't see what you are trying to do. Domino backup is not intended for long time backup storage. It can be used for it, when you build your specific integration.

    I can help you to find the right approach. But AHA and a featue request would be the last and not the first step in this case.

    There is a GitHub project for BackupRestore integrations -->

    HCL is working with the community to help building integrations.

    But without knowing exactly what you are trying to do (not on technical level, the business needs and planned backend) it is difficult to help.

    We have not opened discussions on GitHub, but you can raise an issue.

    Please describe your use case and what you are tryng to do.

    Daniel Nashed

  • Guest
    Nov 14, 2022

    DXL file of the configuration, ok.

    backup.log import (full and incremental), ok.

    but translog backups?

    I can export the DXLs of translog backups, but it seems to me to be a manual operation. Unthinkable to do it by hand for all translog backups. Is there an automatic procedure to export and save these DXL files?

    thank you.

  • Guest
    Nov 11, 2022

    Actually there is a DXL file saved every time you update the configuration.

    In addition log files can be configured to be stored in the database and/or the file-system along with the backup since the initial version 12.0 of Domino backup.

    There is a backup -import backup.log option to import existing backups.

    This is designed for importing older backup information if needed. Or in disaster recovery scenarios, when dominobackup.nsf might have an issue.

    The import option is not listed in the command-line help on purpose.
    And it is intented as an export/last resort option.