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Automate domino server silent Installation from installer kit with no dialog box interruption

Asking to enhance the Domino installer by adding some arguments, switches and commands to do silent unpacking starting from the webkit, modifying/adding the file path specifying the unpacking directory of the executable files without prompting any dialog box proceeding to the installation proper with documentation (on DOS command prompt and power shell).

Step 1 - unpack. We need the silent unpack options and how to specify the destination folder.

Step 2 - silent install. These options are documented after a fashion.

Also, requesting if possible to integrate the procedure above. Doing silent installation from the get-go (unpacking) down to the end of installation.

Description for the case: 

Attempting to automate the installation of Domino Community server with PowerShell, the installation does not seem to recognize any of the arguments passed in this command: start-process -filepath "$DirMedia\DominoCommunityServer901_W64.exe" -wait -verb Runas -ArgumentList "-SILENT -OPTIONS c:\hqweb\DomResp.txt"

$DirMedia successfully resolves to the location of the executable. The installation launches, but proceeds to the interactive prompts. -Argumentlist is being passed successfully because "-f c:\hqweb\dominstall\" works to specify the folder to which the installation is unpacked.



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  • Jan 15 2019
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  • Guest commented
    22 Jan, 2019 01:42am

    From previous comments and confusing writeup, it appears there is some confusion in terminology.   WebKit is the .exe that you download from passport advantage.  It does NOT accept any command line parameters  The first thing it does is ask you where to put the Installation Package.  If you cancel after it unpacks the installation package, you can then use the -silent option with the installation package you just created and all is copasetic.  This is worthless if you are trying to FULLY automate install.  The documentation provided on the silent install option, does not distinguish between the WebKit and the Installation Package.  The solution I recommended in my support ticket was to provide a parameter on the webkit to 1) specify the unpack folder and 2) provide an option to stop after the unpack.  You could of course say if unpack folder specified as command line parameter, it will always stop.   THIS SOLVES THE PROBLEM - how to FULLY automate install starting with WebKit downloaded from Passport Advantage. -- John McCann

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan, 2019 04:46pm

    have a look here, too:


  • Guest commented
    16 Jan, 2019 08:49pm

    I working in an Ansible scripts to do installation of Domino. See at https://github.com/ebasso/ansible-ibm-domino

    To install using response file i use the following command:

    /install -silent -options domino_install.rsp

    And response file example --> https://github.com/ebasso/ansible-ibm-domino/blob/master/roles/domino-install/templates/domino_install.rsp.j2