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Status No Plans to Implement
Workspace Domino
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Created by Guest
Created on May 1, 2019

iNotes : Please provide a way in order to hide preview and hide prev/next button in mail settings policy.

I know iNotes preview can be hided by setting "H|0" in "PreviewPaneOptions" field of iNotesViewProfile.
In order to change this value , we have to develop a tool.

Sample code:

Sub Initialize
    Dim ss As New NotesSession
    Dim db As NotesDatabase
    Dim prof As NotesDocument
    Dim prevopt As String
    Dim previtem As Variant
    Dim useprev As Boolean
    Dim ans As Integer
    Const srv = "DomSrv9/Lotus"
    Const path = "mail\xxxxxx.nsf"
    Set db = ss.Getdatabase(srv, path, False)
    Set prof = db.Getprofiledocument("inotesviewprofile")

    If prof.Hasitem("PreviewPaneOptions") Then
        prevopt = prof.PreviewPaneOptions(0)
        previtem = Split(prevopt,"|")
        If previtem(1) <> "0" Then
            useprev = True
            useprev = False
        End If
        prevopt = "None"
        useprev = False
    End If
    MessageBox "Preview Options : " & prevopt & Chr(10) &"Use Preview? : " & useprev
    If useprev = True Then
        ans = MessageBox("Enforce non-preview?",36,"Change preview options")
        If ans = 6 Then
            prof.PreviewPaneOptions = "H|0"
        End If
    End If
End Sub


But even if we set this value in the field we can't hide Prev/Next button in mail document display mode.


Please provide a way in order to hide preview and hide prev/next button in mail settings policy.

And provide a way in order to always cancel loading remote image in mail settings policy.

We would like to keep users safety against fishing virus mails.

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  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Feb 26, 2020
    Unlikely to be implemented as Verse is going to replace iNotes