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Enhance the docker script so that we can use existing id and system databases during server setup

This is the docker script in question ( https://github.com/IBM/domino-docker )

In the docker_prestart.sh, it seemed that the following variables are passed via SetupProfile.pds

  1. $AdminIDFile : Presumably this is the folder where existing admin id is located ?

  2. $OrgUnitIDFile :Is this the folder where existing /OU id (if any is used) is located ?

  3. $OrganizationIDFile : Is this the folder where existing /O id is located ?

  4. $OtherDirectoryServerName : The name of the server you wish to pull names.nsf etc from ?

  5. $OtherDirectoryServerAddress : IP Address / FQDN of the server you wish to pull names.nsf from ?

  6. $ServerIDFile: Is this the folder where existing server id is located ?

  7. $SystemDatabasePath: The folder where a copy of names.nsf etc is located ?

However, even if we add these into env file, they are currently ignored.

Since as admin we often re-install / move / upgrade existing server, having those variables present would greatly save our time. Right now the only solution would be to replace those files on /local/dominodata after docker container is created and run the first time.

Tinus Riyanto - Prisma Global Solusi

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  • Jul 4 2019
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  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2020 06:19pm

    Also frist server setup should work with existing IDs. Second server setup also works. I have a configuraiton, we could add to the project.

    Just tested it last week. The code we are leveraging is the standard Domino setup functionality. Thomas built functionaltiy that writes all the parameters to the pds file where the setup routine picks it up.

    All exposed parameters are configurable via environment settings.

    Just the setup is picky about some settings. For example even you have server.id you need to specify the name of the server.

    I have a yaml file prepared for a 2nd server.

    Note, you can get id files and passwords from files or from remote locations.

    This gets the server.id from a trusted host in my environment.

    [ Daniel Nashed / http://blog.nashcom.de ]

    This is a small config that works with docker-compos up -d

    version: '3'



    image: "hclcom/domino:latest"

    container_name: domino_pluto

    network_mode: host


    - 80:80

    - 1352:1352


    - domino_2nd_local:/local


    isFirstServer: "false"

    ServerName: mars


    OtherDirectoryServerName: pluto/NotesLab

    OtherDirectoryServerAddress: pluto.notes.lab



  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel commented
    20 Sep, 2019 08:31pm

    Second Server setup is possible, need to provide better documentation on how to do that.