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Support DPI Scaling for 4k+ displays

Operating systems like Windows or macOS support scaling for displays with high DPI (else the application window would be tiny).  But if the application isn't aware of this (and not able to scale by itself), the operating system will do it for the application. The result is a blurry application when the scale factor is to high (standard for 4k is about 300% scale).

As there are increasing numbers of displays with high DPI the lack of support for this scaling features in Notes leads to a unsharp, blurry application UI which looks aweful. 



Clarification (as demanded): I'll try to clarify this issue, but the comments are worth reading, they explain the issue very well. So, in simple terms: 

  • There are increasing numbers of hiRes displays (>FullHD). But their physical size doesnt grow linear to their resolution (as an example a 13 inch display with 4k). That's where dpi (or ppi) of a screen becomes important. Every modern operating system can handle this. 
  • Applications have to be dpi aware, i.e. they have to scale themselves according to the dpi-settings of the screen. The challenge is to scale native and not based on bitmaps which can only be interpolated (results look more or less blurry/pixelated). Best approach is vector-based. 
  • The windows version of Notes 11 (or 10) doesnt scale the application by itself. The macOS version does it properly. 
  • Thats the reason why windows has to do it for Notes. But the operating system hasnt many options left to scale an application. So the result is a blurry or pixelated Notes.  
  • There are workarounds in the wild (NO_DPIAWARE=false OR setting the DPI-mode directly in the application properties OR manipulating the application manifest, etc), but all of them break at some point and lead to issues. 
  • I'll attach some pictures that show the issue (and comparing to outlook) and some that show how it could look if it would scale. (look at them in "full size" else you wont see much)
  • Guest
  • Nov 26 2019
  • Needs clarification