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Workspace Notes
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 18, 2023

Updated Template for external IMAP-Accounts

In any other Emailclient (Outlook, Thunderbird, whatever) one can integrate external Imap-Accounts more or less seamlessly into the user interface.

In Notes we only have a severely outdated template (1990s?) which is not even translated properly. This should be fixed so that at least 1.) the look is consistent with a "normal" Notes-mailDB and 2.) at least the basic actions (create, reply, forward) are accessibly via actionbar (currently "create memo" is only in the menu. Notes V3?)

This should not take more than half a day's work but benefit many customers.

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  • Guest
    Aug 7, 2023

    In order to clarify:

    We are talking here about the Account type (in the personal names.nsf) - protocol: IMAP Online

    References to the Knowledge Base for IMAP Offline (using mail12.ntf - see documentation below):

    Caveat in IMAP Offline: No folder sync (unfortunately), only receiving IMAP mail and sending mail.

  • Guest
    Jul 31, 2023

    This template and the IMAP Online/Offline/Proxy Setup really need a refresh.

    I've setup a new IMAP account to access by private email using

    • Notes Release 12.0.2FP1 SHF38.

    I managed to (almost) read the Dovecot (IMAP-Server) based provider mail using the built in account setup for IMAP.

    First everything looked fine as the Notes client could read the all folders (quite a lot of folders).

    But when trying to access the folder content, the client simply comes up with an error message:

    • Function not implemented by the Internet Messaging Extension.

    The Notes client created a database with the nice name:

    • imap5092.nsf and the template:

    • StdR50IMail

    • Type: IMAP Server Proxy

    So it almost worked. Should I create a support ticket to address these issues?

    Currently there is really a business need to this to work. I have a VIP user (used to use Notes) that could greatly benefit from managing an extra IMAP account in his Notes client.

    BTW: I strongy suggest using the setup path via File --> Preferences --> Accounts --> New Account as this provides the only really path to a working setup. Only this way you can specify

    • Sent folder name

    • Drafts folder name

    using the Advanced properties.

    I most always fail to setup up an IMAP account in the Notes client when trying to create

    • Location and

    • Account

    documents in the personal names.nsf.

    A nicely working version would be really nice and seems not too far away.

  • Guest
    Jul 18, 2023

    Hello Thomas,

    version of Mailtemplate is 12.0.2 (09/2022), Server is 12.0.2FP1, client is 12.0.1FP1.

    I followed the manual procedure here and the automatically created IMAP-"Inbox" has the template "StdR50IMail , Created 24.01.1997, Templateversion 6.0 (23.05.2005)".

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Jul 18, 2023

    Which template are you using?