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Workspace Sametime
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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 20, 2021

Sametime Community: Remove plain text password from Trace logging or warn admins for it. Hackers love it !!!

When you enable the trace in the Sametime Community server ( VP_TRACE_ALL=1 ) then the plain text password of all authenticated users are shown in the trace log ( stusers_*). Plain text in log, means also plain text in memory at that moment.

Be aware that hackers can find password now when traces are set and running.

I think a double RED warning should be in place !


Introduce a new paramater in order to show passwords when you think the trace should also incluse passwords.

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  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2021

    This is the evidence where we are talking about. I have changed the actual password to Welcome01! and logged in. You can now clearly see my Username (RemcoAngioni) and my password (Welcome01)

    210917_133535.624,INF,STRING F,converting string 'RemcoAngioni' from UTF-8 to LMBCS format by OSTranslate

    210917_133535.624,INF,STRING F,converting string 'Welcome01' from UTF-8 to LMBCS format by OSTranslate

    210917_133535.624,INF,Auth ,New AuthByPass request reqId <-1> loginName <RemcoAngioni> organization <>

    210917_133535.624,INF,Auth ,loginName <size=4>:

    34 39 36 32

    210917_133535.624,INF,Threads ,VpDbManager::addRequest=> Request(1l) <-1> is added to thread <18a0900>

    210917_133535.624,INF,ASYNC ,VpUsrAuthenticate::authenticateByPassword: pass to authentication BB reqId <0xffffffff>

  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2021

    Yes, that's fine. Please send it to I am available every wednesday.

  • Guest
    Sep 21, 2021

    Thanks for your feedback. We verified and not seeing this issue on our end. Would you be willing to get on a call with us to discuss and show us please? If you can send me your email id, I can set it up.