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Status Under Consideration
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Categories Meetings
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 9, 2022

Allow the user to click "Join Meeting" before the meeting has started

The scenario:

I open a meeting URL in the web browser (as a guest user, in case this matters).

The meeting has not yet started, so I'm on an overview page, stating Guests not allowed for this meeting or meeting hasn't stated yet

While the page does contain a "Join meeting" button, that button is disabled. (see screenshot STC-I-428a.png)

This button becomes enabled only when the meeting has started. (see screenshot STC-I-428b.png)

Visually, this change is somewhat subtle.

The problem:

I need to closely monitor the overview page in order to notice when the button gets enabled.

When I continue to work in other applications while waiting for the meeting owner to start the meeting, I often miss the subtle button change.

So either I'm stuck unproductively on the meeting's overview page staring at the button, or I'm likely to miss the start of the meeting and join late.

This situation makes the process of joining a meeting somewhat annoying.

The suggestion:

I would like to be able to indicate now that I intend to join the meeting whenever it will start.

E.g. if the "join meeting" button would be enabled right away, I could click it now to indicate my intention to join.

Since the meeting has not yet started, I would remain on the overview page which could then mention "waiting for meeting to start".

I could then continue to work in other applications with the meeting window remaining in the background.

Once the meeting starts, I would be automatically joined into the meeting.

I would recognize this by

a) seeing the meeting window background color become black (which would be obvious even if only parts of the background window are visible)

b) hearing the meeting audio.

This change would make joining a meeting much more effective.

Of course, using this new feature would be optional. If a user is not comfortable with the idea to click now and be joined at an unclear later time, they would not need to click the button before the meeting has started.

So perhaps the overview page should add "(once the meeting has started)" next to the "Join meeting" button as long as the meeting has not yet been started.

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