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Workspace Verse
Categories Verse on Premises
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 21, 2021

ServerLookup servlet should verify the user credentials before picking up mail file name in Catalog.nsf

Currently when we have several mail servers with clusters, it is possible that some mail file names may be common for different users.

e.g.- John Doe may have a mail file name as "jdoe.nsf" and while another user "Johnson Doe" may also have a mail file name "jdoe.nsf" on another cluster.

So a cluster 1 and cluster 5 may have the mail file with same name "jdoe.nsf" which belongs to different users.

Now when Verse is used in HA environment behind a Reverse Proxy, it uses Catalog.nsf to find out the mail file name and server. When it searches the mail file "jdoe.nsf" it is sometimes possible that, it may pickup the wrong cluster say cluster 5 instead of cluster 1 and may redirect the user to wrong mail file with same name. Since this mail file doesn't contain access to user in ACL, so user will get an error as "You are not authorized to access this database" in browser.

Now the most ideal way to resolve this issue is to rename the mail files at OS level which have identical names. This is one time activity and will fix the issue forever.

One can use "Load convert -l filename.txt" command to prepare a list of mail files on particular server and then paste that list in Excel. Similarly when the list is taken from at least one server from each cluster and sorted in Excel, one can easily identify which files have identical names and then rename them easily. It might take 3-4 days to complete this activity but this is permanent solution.

We also want to add a feature request from our side to deal with such situation. The ServerLookup servlet should verify the user credentials again while picking up the mail file name and server from catalog.nsf so that it will not pickup the wrong cluster.

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