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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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Enable tracking of database properties

Domino is limited to track only the database content changes and updates thru "Notes database activity logging". We are requesting to the following feature. 1. Way to determine when and by who/what set and change the property in the database 2. Wa...
about 2 years ago in Domino / Administration 1 Needs Clarification

Upgrade DAOSCAT.NSF ODS without re-creating the database

The only way to upgrade the daoscat.nsf ODS is to remove and re-create this database. Unfortunatly, you will lose the 0 referenced NLO files ( when all database reference for a NLO are gone ). When you recreate the daoscat.nsf, it will get a list ...
almost 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 5 Assessment

Domain Indexer thread queue management

Domain Indexer will use multiple threads in order to run quicker. But when the domidx update cycle starts, it will assign a queue to each of the configured threads. The list of databases flagged to be included in the domain index is then spread ov...
almost 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 1 Needs Clarification

Out Of Office as richt text

I propose OOO (OOA and OOS) be reprogrammed so it can send rich text format messages.
almost 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 0 Under Consideration

NDR sends To Mail-in Database not to Sender.

When a message fails to send from a mail-in database, a Non Delivery Report is sent back to the sender instead of the mail-in database. MIME header has "Sender" and "From" when the owner of mail-in database and the sender of the message is differe...
over 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 0 Under Consideration

Allow using custom fields in server rule

Currently we cannot use custom fields for checking their value and take specific action via server rules. So there is a feature request to add ability to check custom fields in document and take specific action according to it. This Enhancement Re...
over 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 1 Under Consideration

DAOS estimator for Tier2 storage

Would it be possible to create a tool similar to what the DAOS Estimator is (or release a new extended version of the original DAOS Estimator tool) with focus on the new DAOS Tier 2 option? Something that would scan the current DAOS repository of ...
over 3 years ago in Domino / Administration 0 Under Consideration

Route SMTP email via multiple ports in same Domino server

there is currently no way to specify different ports for different relay hosts. You can only change the destination port per server in the internet ports tab of the Domino server. You cannot specify something like in the SMTP ...
almost 4 years ago in Domino / Administration 1 Assessment

Additional option on the database deletion to disable database repair function. (symmetrical cluster)

Currently, if you didn't disable the repair services to the database and you delete a user the database on the source server will not able to delete (it will be deleted but it will be recreated because of the repair service). So the idea is to add...
almost 4 years ago in Domino / Administration 3 Under Consideration

extend the maildisclaimer to wysiwyg editor and image support

The company disclaimer editor window in domino is very basic. It allows only text. But customer want quick an new line with the latest exibition or office-close time and this word in red and this bold, and also an footer image.This can only be don...
almost 4 years ago in Domino / Administration 4 Under Consideration