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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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The NotesUIWorkspace methode PROMPT_YESNO (2) add the Option default that we can set it to "NO"n And make it also with @Prompt available
9 months ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 0 Needs Review

Allow to pause a running script using a short cut at any time

In case you are in debug mode, allow to pause a running script using a short cut at any time and continue in step-by-step mode. This will be helpful when in a loop
about 3 years ago in Domino Designer / Debugger 2 Needs Review

Add NotesDocument to a Collection like an array

Our Problem: We are trying to search multiples NotesDocuments from an agent in a database to a view in another database. We then proceed to add those documents to a NotesDocumentCollection with the function AddDocument (NotesDocumentCollection - L...
over 2 years ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 3 Needs Review

User registration using Registernewuser LS API results in merged Person Document

Customer is running a custom code where they are registering persons to Domino and have now identified a case where 2 separate registrations resulted in a single person document with merged full names. The registration are made two days apart and ...
over 1 year ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 0 Needs Review

Disable "Public Encryption Keys" option from "Document Properties"

Customer is looking for option to not allow users to add/remove names from "Public Encryption keys" present in "Security" tab of "Document Properties" for any document.Requirement is to restrict users to not use this option somehow.
over 2 years ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 0 Needs Review

Actions in an embedded view in a dialog will close dialogbox after executing

After pressing an action in an embedded view on a dialogbox, the dialog will be closed. I now manage it myself in checking the queryclose event, however this looks like a bug to me
11 months ago in Domino Designer 2 Needs Review

Checkbox actions on an embedded view in a Dialog will not show when enabled

Same checkbox action is working in a view, however when embedded in a form, displayed via a dialogbox, this isn't working
11 months ago in Domino Designer / Views 0 Needs Review

Remove the necessity to call sinitThread/stermThread

The need to (de-)register threads has always been a source of panic. E.g. calling Domino functions from within Swing. But Java 8 brings another, more subtle problem. Working with streams makes a lot of things much easier and more clearly - but if ...
almost 3 years ago in Domino Designer / Java 0 Needs Review

GetDocumentByKey to include 'Variant' data type

When using GetDocumentByKey, on a two ordered columns: a String and a numeric value When getting a document using an array of Variant, where the first element is a String and the second a Long, AFTER the lookup - that correctly takes place - the n...
almost 2 years ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 0 Needs Review

Add a method to change the character set.

NotesHTTPRequest responses are sometimes returned in a format other than UTF-8. Please add a method to specify or change the character encoding.
almost 3 years ago in Domino Designer / LotusScript 1 Needs Review