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Workspace Domino Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 27, 2023

Domino Designer can create invalid long pathnames on NTFS

Domino Designer creates long paths in "Notes\Data\Workspace\Local" which Windows doesn't allow to delete/move/rename. This causes problems on customer systems where the registry setting:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem, DWORD LongPathsEnabled

is set to zero, indicating that Long Paths are DISABLED.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Have a network disk at H:

2. Create a long path folders, for example: "H:\Abhay\sujit\KK\amit\Error line number is incorrect when an error occurs in a custom class\2023-06-07 one two by HCL"

3. Copy any Notes database (nsf file) to it.

4. Open this Notes database in Domino Designer.

5. Go to Windows File Explorer and open this path - C:\HCL\Notes\Data\Workspace\Local

6. Observe the long path created by Domino Designer:



7. Windows doesn't allow to delete/move/rename these long paths created by Domino Designer which are more than 256 char in length. Check following screenshot.

Customer's Expectation:

To prefer Domino Designer to be able to open the database. It could be on a volume where long path names ARE supported, like on a file server. I would like Domino Designer to respect the settings of the filesystem it is writing it's settings/caching/whatever to, and not need to encode possibly long pathnames into a pathname on a filesystem where this may not be "allowed". Where I note that Microsoft has not helped the situation by allowing long pathnames to be created by parts of the Windows API and used on a filesystem missing the full setup for long pathnames, and other parts of the API need the settings to be able to work with long pathnames, resulting in difficulties for applications. I am sorry that you need to work around this inconsistent part of the Windows API.

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