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V12 backup: Specify databases to be backed up.

V12 backups allow you to specify files to be excluded, but not the files you want to backup.

The ability to specify the database to be backed up is required.

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  • May 31 2021
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  • Guest commented
    2 Jun 07:16am

    The idea originated from the fact that I could not back up databases with ODS-only extensions such as .n85 and .ns10.

    I have confirmed that I can back up databases with this ODS-only extension using the command "load backup sample.n85".

    However, there are multiple databases with the ODS-only extension.

    So I tried the following, using the .ind file I created, using wildcards, etc., but these resulted in errors.

    load backup indfile.ind

    load backup sample.*

    load backup sample.n??

    We have already reported to support that some databases cannot be backed up. (STAAC3J8X9)

    The ODS-only extension may be a special case, but there are some applications where you may want to selectively back up only important databases. In such a case, not all important databases may be in the same folder.

  • Guest commented
    31 May 07:21am

    This isn't a standard use case for a backup solution.

    When you look into other backup solutions it's mostly a full backup with exclusions.

    If you want an adhoc backup of single databases or folders, you can specify the database name or folder to backup.

    This is called a "selective backup" and isn't a full backup of the server.

    All the standard processes work with full backups and incremental backups for all databases taking into account your excludes -- which by the way can be extended or replaced on command-line.

    We would really like to understand the use-case in more detail. Why does an exclude not work for you. And what is the business cases behind just backing up selected folders?

    The is a big different between excluding and including. The logic is completly different.

    You would either need to search each directory separate or search once and flip around the exclude logic to match only the included databases instead of the excluded databases.

    Still this would be significal work in development and testing.