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Workspace Domino Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 19, 2018

Easier way of fixing UNK table problem (FT index thinks field is different type)


Create a field (Number), and create-save a document with that field set.

Then create FT index for database

Then change field type from Number to text, create a new doc & save

(easily done when a field looks like it can be numeric but letters need to be added eg some unique key etc)

You can no longer search on that field because the UNK table has noted it as numeric.


Correcting this involves admin client or making a new copy of the database.. very messy, especially with large databases.


Can we have a better way of fixing this ?

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  • Admin
    Cho yan Ng
    Nov 29, 2021

    Moving this to the designer category.

  • Guest
    Jan 20, 2021

    Adding more information at the request of John Curtis

    The specific use case that we struggle with is date fields. We routinely stamp workflow related dates on documents e.g.status_100_dt = 20/1/2021

    Sometimes we need to set these dates to null if a document is reverted to the previous stage in the workflow. We would do this by setting status_100_dt = ""

    The problem is that if we make a new copy or replica of the application it will generate a new UNK table.

    In doing so the document where status_100_dt = "" may be used and then the UNK permanently flags this field as a text field FOR ALL INSTANCES.

    This means that the field status_100_dt can no longer be used as a date field in Full Text searches. As the UNK table is built based on NoteID and the NoteID varies between repicas / copies the UNK table will also vary between servers / replicas and copies

    It is worth noting that this behaviour can mean that an application with a scripted FT search element may work well on one server and on another identical server it does not because the code throws an error when a "text" field is used with "date" field syntax.
    status_100_dt > today works on server A and on server B throws an Unexpected Error

    Fixing this is very difficult. The data must be fixed and then the http task dropped ( our experience ) and then the application compacted.

    It is also very difficult to detect the problem in the first place, it would be great if we could see and alter the UNK table.

  • Guest
    Jan 19, 2021

    VOLT introduced a FT search in version 1.0.2 - I'm seeing this issue with a VOLT application however here we create a numeric, currency or date field and they are all seen as TEXT. Cant search for values between, less than or greater than.

  • Guest
    Aug 4, 2020

    SPR #CSAO9BFB84 is present for this issue.

  • Guest
    Jul 6, 2020

    We see this too but no, we have not yet created a ticket, Sean Cull

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel
    Jul 21, 2018

    Have you reported this behavior in a PMR ? if so can you provide the #?