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Welcome to the #dominoforever Product Ideas Forum! The place where you can submit product ideas and enhancement request. We encourage you to participate by voting on, commenting on, and creating new ideas. All new ideas will be evaluated by HCL Product Management & Engineering teams, and the next steps will be communicated. While not all submitted ideas will be executed upon, community feedback will play a key role in influencing which ideas are and when they will be implemented.

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Notes 11 can not read attachment name in Thai

Please fix.
over 3 years ago in Notes 1 Needs Review

The search term in a view becomes the default search term in the result documents. Or the option to copy the search term to the clipboard when searching in the view

When you use Ctrl+F in the document screen, the search term in the previous view is automatically set into the search box, so you don't have to retype it.Another approach would be to add a mechanism to copy search terms from the view to the clipbo...
over 3 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

Online meeting form

I use frequently different rooms for different projects/customers. I wish Room field is larger 3-4 times. I have 20 rooms or more. now I need to scroll, while if field is bigger can just pick right room. A lot of free space in lower part of form.
over 3 years ago in Notes 1 Needs Review

Make it optional to klick on "Dismiss" when sending mail to external recipient

It´s a great feature to receive a warning when you send an email to an external recipient but it´s stressful when you always have to close the warning by clicking on "Dismiss" and afterwards click on "Send" again. It would be great to have an opti...
over 3 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

The "description" field is to be added when calendar invite is sent to invitees

The description field is for users with access on the resource reservations database such as the administrators, customer request of adding the description content on calendar entries.
over 3 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

The ability of setting initial vlaue against "Display names in mail in this format" by Policy

In case of current design, there is no way of setting initial value against "Display names in mail in this format" in mail preference by policy function. Customer requests/needs that functionality. This request is reported as SPR KYOE8BA9H7
almost 4 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

Make counter proposal available if chair selects to not receive responses

If chair selects to not receive responses, counter proposal is not available, even if "prevent counter-proposal" is not checked. According to support (case CS0111678) this is working as designed. We would like to allow users to submit a counter pr...
almost 4 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

Summary of received emails after getting back from Out-of-Office

We are already aware that there is a feature wherein the user who just got back from OOO will receive the list of users who sent emails emails and who received OOO notification. However, we would like to receive the summary of the received emails.
almost 4 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

When copying and pasting a shared column, let it keep the shared flag

When you copy a shared column in a view and paste it in another view, it looses its "sharedness", i.e. converted into a normal column. When creating big applications, where shared columns make the most sense, its normal to create variations of exi...
almost 4 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review

Mail Format for O365 Delegated mails

Retaining O365 delegated user's mail details and how it will look when it is receive on notes client. Suggestion: The format of mails sent by Delegated user (O365 client) User B sent "on behalf" of User A When a mail is being send on behal...
almost 4 years ago in Notes 0 Needs Review