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Created by Guest
Created on May 28, 2023

Delayed Delivery Feature Needs to be Enhanced - Cancel and Edit Delivery Time Easily

Three Primary Parts

  1. Need a way to see which messages in your Sent view are scheduled

  2. Could be an icon in Sent messages or a Delayed Delivery Messages view using $SentAt to capture them, for example

  3. From that view, select a message and either edit the delivery date/time value or cancel delivery


  1. Outlook does this now and does it well. Once you schedule a message, you can open the message and change the delivery time or cancel. This is very handy.

  2. Part of this idea correlates with - Allow Message Recall to Recall (Cancel) a message that has not been delivered yet (Paraphrase)

  3. This feature also needs to appear in Verse Web and Verse Mobile

Use Cases

  1. as described in, to summarize here, you send a note to a vendor on Friday evening with a Delayed Delivery value for Monday. The vendor works unexpectedly over the weekend and updates you. Now your Monday morning note updating them on your meeting action item and a polite reminder to them to get you something does not make you look good when they just sent it over the weekend. This entire situation becomes a significant distraction--needlessly.

  2. You are on a couple of active projects with a client and have a lot of email in your Sent folder to them. You want to verify something in a message that is set for Delayed Delivery pertaining to a future meeting. You have to remember both the subject and when you sent the memo, not the delayed delivery date.

  3. You send a message as a reminder for a group meeting, with Delayed Delivery set in two weeks. The meeting changes and you want to adjust the group reminder note according. When did I send that note - ten days ago? Two weeks? Now you have to scroll through your Inbox and remember who was the first name to appear on the To field or search and go through all project update messages to find the schedule one. Then, how do you change the delivery time? You can't and your work load just increased. How do you cancel it? Open a support ticket and hope it is processed in-time? You can't send out an update as you might look silly if your team gets two messages on the same meeting with different date/time values.

  4. Try and find multiple scheduled messages in your Sent folder efficiently. It is not an easy process. Thus, the view or a view icon would help a lot. It's an easy add-on and you could add a preference to Mail Settings to show/hide or make it visible when you have scheduled messages in the queue. Thus, when it disappears, you know it went--for example.

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