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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 23, 2023

Enable Charset by default in notes.ini or Preferences

A notes document may have different types of content like Chinese, Japanese characters, etc. present in it.

If you try to export the notes document in CSV format using the "File" --> "Export" action menu option, then you need to use option "International (UTF-8)" as highlighted in the attached screenshot.

This will help so that Chinese/Japanese characters after export are not garbled.

Similarly, you can use "OPEN" LotusScript method if you wish to read such document using code.

URL -->

The Syntax for the same is -->
flag = notesStream.Open( pathname$ [ , charset$ ] )

As per documentation, valid character sets include:

ASCII, Big5, Binary, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, EUC-TW, GB2312, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-KR, ISO-8859-1 through ISO-8859-9, ISO-8859-15, KOI8-R, Latin4, Shift_JIS, System, TCVN3, Unicode, Unicode-1-1, US-ASCII, UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, Windows-1250 through Windows-1258, and Windows-874. Binary implies byte operations only on the stream. Unicode is the same as UTF-16 and Unicode-1-1 is a compatible subset of UTF-16.

If the customer needs to use this "Open" method, then "charset$" needs to be defined in the code depending upon type of content present in notes document. Else the output may be garbled again.

The requirement is to have by default UTF-8 setting available on the machine having Notes Client installed.

If not, then there should be a method available so that users can set the charset of their choice in notes.ini or in some preferences setting by default.

There is one more enhancement around the same as mentioned below.

However, since this is a beta release and is dependent on Microsoft to become a permanent feature, customers cannot rely on it to meet their requirement as Notes Client is involved as well.

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