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More Notes Client Application focus

This isn't anything specific but more general rambling on product direction. I've seen a lot more focus on the web side of Notes/Domino while Notes client development is being left in the dust. The whole reason why Notes/Domino is popular in the first place is low-code RAD and security. As applications extend into web territory you start getting into more complicated code and more security issues. This is obviously where the world is going and in general I'm fine with it to a certain extent but as a security-conscious individual I have reservations. Some applications are fine to put on the web but other applications involving sensitive data are not. It is the latter case where the issue is. In those cases you need a workstation with the Notes Client and a physical id file on the machine. If you're going to have that then it's important that those users have a great experience. Once upon a time we had our email and apps in a single environment and all was well with the world. This shift in focus has decreased development and improvements in the email client (which is why people are turning to other email products) and the client application space (which is why some developers are turning elsewhere). I'm telling you, if you want to revitalize the product then more attention is needed in this area. Places like this are a fantastic idea for people to share their ideas to make it a better product. One only hopes that our voices will be heard. Thanks.

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  • Jun 16 2019
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  • Guest commented
    11 Jan 01:27pm

    And still we wait.

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2019 12:22pm

    The LACK of attention to the Notes Client is why it went into decline.  There is NO reason why the notes client cannot do anything that a browser can if, HCL updates the Client.

    Client Apps are ugly because the default themes are ugly.  Solution: improve the theme defaults. Provide methods for creating and setting themes (does not have to be CSS) . Update the client to use contemporary OS features. (The default Notes button styles are still pre Windows 8). Update the basic templates.

    Client Apps are disliked because IBM never gave the developer the options through designer to improve their production applications. Provide control and access to function keys to initiate actions. Allow the enter key to used as a field exit. (look through the old forums to see have many times this has been requested). Improve View features  (multiple fonts/attributes in a column).  Add components which map to those in common use in browsers. (think tag cloud component, true multi-column list box, layers which span framesets and are movable at run time). All of the features provided by the Java-UI should be available to any potential App, not just those that "look like" PIM applications.  Extend type ahead to simple text fields on not only "Name" fields. 

    Understand that developers are going to want to use the features in other ways than originally thought of. (Think Frameset in an embedded editor). But don't add features and then prevent the developer from using them in their own applications ( switch to... 'hamburger' button in the mail client)

    The trick is to understand that Notes Client users/developers are not trying to build Facebook replacements. They want good looking contemporary apps which are easy to design, build and deploy.

    There are thousands of small companies that could use a step up from Excel and where internet access is costly or none existent.

    So I fully support HCl forging ahead with the old but improving  Notes Client.

  • Guest commented
    2 Jul, 2019 07:26am

    I totally disagree. The Notes Client HAS BEEN a great Low code environment in the 1990s and 2000s. The world moved on. The web took over and let's face it - Notes apps have been ugly and been hated by users since the beginning. The audience for the notes client is dwindling. Why HCL should throw money on a dead horse more than to keep the lights on is beyond me - Andrew Davis, can you show us your business case for all the stuff that's coming in the client?

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2019 09:01am

    There is plenty of competing web technology that will do the same or better as xPages or what ever direction Domino web technology will veer off to next. There's no compelling reason for a new customer to switch to Domino.

    The Notes client is a strength and gives a compelling reason. For customers who want secure offline local replicas and RAD I don't see any strong competitors.

    Concentrate more on the strengths of Notes/Domino. The Notes client is the strength and has been neglected for far too long.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2019 04:10am

    I agree