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"Back to Domino": Aggressive Marketing R10 product launch

An aggressive marketing campaign "Back to Domino"

  • Guest
  • Jul 24 2018
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  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2021 01:38pm

    Hi Thomas change the title and reuse it for 12!

  • Admin
    Thomas Hampel commented
    23 Mar, 2021 01:23pm

    Closing this as shipped because the Domino V10 has been shipped already.

  • Guest commented
    25 Apr, 2019 02:46pm

    Please take into account that a marketing campaign must be adapted to the respective countries and their culture. In the past we had "yellow is the new black" which may work in english speaking countries but makes no sense in other languages like e.g. German. (Gelb ist das neue Schwarz?). At a recent business partner event one of the HCL guys refered to the game 'Simon says' which is not known in Germany. The attendands didn't understand what he wanted to express.

  • Guest commented
    27 Nov, 2018 01:46am

    Personally, I'd rather see more marketing when the CLIENT notices improvement.  The client differences for V10 are very underwhelming.  If you're not in IT or a citizen developer, you probably wonder if this is supposed to be 9.1...

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2018 10:51pm

    I noticed that this is planned. However, I saw where it is only being held in 2 cities in the US.  Not much fan fair.

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2018 05:21pm
    Extend the "World Premiere of Domino V10" to other Country for example Italy.


  • Guest commented
    25 Aug, 2018 06:55am

    1.  DO NOT DO ANOTHER NAME CHANGE.  Consistency is tantamount to longevity and proof of its vitality.  Nothing is more frustrating than all the other name changes that we have endured.  Changing the name won't change the product.  Show confidence in the product.  Be proud of its heritage, not ashamed.  Windows has been called that since its inception in 1985.  The first version of Outlook was created in 1992.  Oracle RDBMS started in 1979. Microsoft SQL Server - 1989.  LInux OS - 1991.  Sun Microsystems Java - 1996. 

    Another word for new software is untested, unstable, unsecure, bug-ridden.  Domino and Notes are products that have proven market durability and have been refined like a cut diamond.  Very few software products ever withstand the elements to achieve this level success.  As pointed out in another comment, the bad press that has been thrown at Notes & Domino was solely based on the massive investment in a counter-marketing campaign by Microsoft in an attempt to defeat the reputation of a product they could not outperform.  Apple withstood a similar attack by Microsoft back in 1997, yet today they are the first company to reach a market cap of $1 Trillion.

    2.  DO NOT MARKET ANYTHING THAT IMPLIES EARLIER FAILURE.  In other words, NEVER say Domino is back.  It has always been here.  It has always been a product unmatched and ahead of its time.  You might argue that development efforts lapsed, but only if you want to work for Microsoft.  So don't. 

    When Ed Brill stated he didn't want to do another major release, the reason is that they were switching to a continuous release model to match that led by the cloud releases.  So there would be smaller, more frequent releases called Feature Packs. 

    (The failure was that they didn't change the naming/numbering scheme to reflect the new continuous release model which misled people to believe it was going into maintenance mode on its way to end of life.  And yes, the reality is that this was his way of trying to cover up the divestment in the product.  In other words, we saw through the lie.)

    IBM & HCL have chosen to go back to the standard product release model, only accelerated.  We can expect to see major releases produced at an unprecedented pace starting with V10 this year and V11 targeted less than a year later.  The powerful partnership with HCL has enabled IBM to commit resources like nothing we have seen before.  They have grown the product development team by hundreds of resources.  The innovation that created Lotus Notes was decades ahead of its time and has never been matched by a single product even today.  And even today no suite of an entire product line can do it as efficiently and cost-effectively and no amount of counter-marketing by the competition can change that. 

    Now with the IBM-HCL partnership, the combination of innovation+horsepower will put a nitrous oxide boost into the Notes & Domino product development engine erasing any doubt of this product's superiority.


  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2018 03:10pm

    IBM could definitely do a better job marketing Domino.  Maybe its time to change the name of the product and start fresh!

    Its a great product with a bad rep due to all of the 'fake news' from Microsoft.

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2018 01:17pm

    Hoping the dev/testing schedule isn't compromised by the inspired 10/10 launch date choice.

    Would love to hear Van Morrison licensed the Domino song for the campaign.

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2018 01:00pm

    It would be cool to see a recorded row of dominoes that have already fallen to run in reverse to all stand back up again - Domino is back --  or just change the Domino name 

  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2018 03:46pm

    More than just marketing, actual encouragement for the sales people to get this out. I doubt you need to wait for V10, as sales can start now for delivery when V10 is available. 

  • Guest commented
    29 Jul, 2018 10:16pm

    We're working on it for the V10 launch. Stay tuned here for details --> https://www.ibm.com/collaboration/ibm-domino

  • Guest commented
    25 Jul, 2018 02:31pm

    just a marketing campaign would be enough :-)