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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DOMINO-I-173 Make Notes/Domino free for companies with under 10 or 20 or even 50 users.

Offer Notes & Domino free license for personal usage, education and non-profit organisations ... Merged

...to spread the usage of Notes/Domino and get new, younger peoples "infected" by Notes/Domino ;-)

This should be accompanied by

  • additional marketing activities; introduce Notes/Domino and the benefits of RAD at high schools !
  • free access to trainings (specially for developers)
  • well designed and documented ready to use applications / examples


  • Guest
  • Aug 6 2018
  • Likely to implement
  • Guest commented
    28 Nov, 2018 12:35pm

    Well.. as more young people work with notes, as more people want to work at work with it.

    Microsoft already got this easy way to get money over years.

  • Guest commented
    24 Sep, 2018 07:16pm

    I know a couple of months profit organisations that would really like to use domino as application server, but cannot afford. 

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug, 2018 11:07pm

    I agree to both ideas, and am very flexible in discussing permutations of either. Free licensing for student CALs free is a good idea for them to do independent work while they are a student - they are used to subscription but expiring (non perpetual) licensing. They can already do a 90 day trial, but i don't know many who would do the work to get an IBM ID, figure out licensing, and then actually follow through. They would go for this kind of idea, though, if it is easy enough to download and sign-up (IBM ID) to get free updates for that first year, with a very nominal cost thereafter (either the 1st year, or after they graduate, to convert their free ID to a normal "real" Express ID.I agree with the AIESEC comment, because that's how I originally became an early Apple and MS user. I didn't discover Notes until I ran OSX Warp because it made my MS for Workgroups 3.1.1 stable. Without running it in the OSX "host", it crashed multiple times daily. If I had had a real reason then to use Notes (e.g. it had a Domino server and not just a standalone client, I might have jumped about 10 years earlier to the Notes/Domino ship.

    Domino Express is great because it removes the expensive server layer, but it's still prohibitive for small companies that have 1 to 25 users, they don't want to spend $175'ish per user - it adds up quick. They think it's too steep, and they are too new to the platform to see the ROI is years of viability and re-use for an app, that you'll find yourself still using 15 to 20 years ago. It doesn't even have to be free, just REALLY cheap - like sub $5 per user. These small companies are used to $5 to $10 per user costs. They are sticker shocked with $175 or more. Alternately, give these small companies and educational institutions the first year free, and then a super cheap renewal. By their first Passport renewal time, they've hopefully built some apps, moved data into them, and have longstanding value for years to come from their new infrastructure, that they are quite happy to pay a few bucks per user to keep going.

  • Guest commented
    16 Aug, 2018 01:48pm

    We received Lotus Notes free of charge for our student organization AIESEC in the 1990s. Many Domino experts and enthusiasted customers came out of this group of users.

  • Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2018 07:40am

    >>> Re: "Domino and Designer are already at no charge with the Community Edition :"

    That is for 'non-production' use.  Very few people will spend the time and energy setting up something that has any kind of question mark over its use in their normal work situation. 

  • Guest commented
    7 Aug, 2018 10:41am

    It would be better if the no charge version was at least a version that is newer then 2013. Not really good for playing with.

  • Guest commented
    7 Aug, 2018 08:59am

    Domino and Designer are already at no charge with the Community Edition :


  • Guest commented
    7 Aug, 2018 12:57am

    There is an idea to offer Notes/Domino for free for company under 50 users (https://domino.ideas.aha.io/ideas/DOMINO-I-173). Maybe these ideas can be merged ?